Śrī Śrīmad Bhaktivedānta Nārāyana Gosvāmī Mahāraja  •  100th Anniversary

Abhay Charan Dasa

United States, Alachua, FL

nama om visnu padaya radhikayai priyatmane
sri srimad bhaktivedanta narayana iti namine

To my dearest spiritual master – Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja,

Please accept my most humble and heartfelt obeisances to the dust of your lotus feet.

In attempting to glorify you on this most auspicious occasion of your divine centennial – I am struck by the extremely insignificant capacity that I have to glorify you. Because my vision is mundane, I am unable to properly appreciate your transcendental qualities. And because my absorption in sadhana-bhajan is weak, I do not have any realization to offer at your holy feet.

How can a frog in a small well appreciate the vast qualities of the ocean? This frog cannot.

Still my heart is called to offer some appreciation and glorification of, you my dear master.

We generally consider those who give us happiness to be our friends. But the happiness of this world in the form of friendly talks, sports, family, fame, wealth, position, etc. is temporary and unsatisfying. So one who only gives those things is not actually a friend in the deepest sense.

You, by your causeless mercy, delivered bhakti to everyone you met. From non-devotees, to beginners on this path, to senior practicing devotees – your only desire was to encourage all to progressively gallop forward on the path of pure bhakti – for their own ultimate benefit.

And what is the fruit of the performance of pure bhakti? That is krsna-prema. And that krsna-prema, especially under the guidance of Sri Rupa Goswami, is the topmost achievement and eternal, holistic satisfaction for the soul.

So you really have given the highest, most sustaining form of happiness to all. And therefore, you are the dearmost friend. Please bless me that I never let go of this realization – that you are my closest friend, guide, and master.


On this day this extremely lowly, lazy, and unqualified disciple is simply falling again and again at your lotus feet. My only prayer is that you do not give me up. That you please tolerate my inadequacies. That you please forgive my offenses and shortcomings. That you please continue to keep me under the shade of your lotus feet. That you please keep me in the association of sadhus. And that you please manifest your divine presence in my heart and mind each and every day.

Your eternal servant,

Abhay Charan Dasa